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Cooking is a passion for me, having learnt many recipes from my mother and mother-in-law. I consider cooking therapeutic and love experimenting with my heirloom recipes.

As a child, I would stand outside the kitchen and quietly observe my mother while she was cooking and as the years passed by I got more and more enamoured by the techniques she picked up. I was happy trying out my hand at cooking special dishes for my father on his birthday, referring to the cookery books we had at home. Like numerous Bengali households, we had 4 large bookshelves made of teakwood which housed our prized collections of books from various genres. I still have a diary with inputs on how to make numerous recipes from my mother and mother-in-law. My mother’s never-ending enthusiasm for life is the biggest source of motivation for me.

I am deeply passionate about Bengali cuisine and culture, and wanted to spread and share the secrets of my authentic cuisine with every foodie. I am most excited about sharing my kitchen tales and breaking the myths of Bengali cuisine being all about fish, puchkas, and rosogollas. Bengali cuisine uses all kinds of vegetables you can think of and one vegetable can be made at least in 10 different ways! So there go your 365 innovative meals for the year!!

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