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An Introduction

Hello folks, a warm welcome to my blog, KITCHEN TALES by SOMMA GHOSH! I have been cooking daily for more than 22 years. Here is an attempt at sharing with you all my dear readers, a detailed and thorough insight into my household recipes....for your daily cooking needs or for those special times when the cooking bug bites you.This blog is the outcome of a few of my friends from all over the globe, encouraging me to start one, since more than a decade ago. I believe there is a time for everything and most of them happen when they are meant to.

Along with my entry in the food industry, as a HOMECHEF, I am collaborating with Authenticook for hosting home dining experiences. You may find all the relevant details by clicking here.

You may also order my special home-cooked meals through Authenticook Delivery here. 


I also conduct COOKERY Classes for both young children and adults.

Here, every week I will share with you all how to cook a specific dish, in great detail and simple terms, so that you may savour alone or with your loved ones, some healthy and traditional or contemporary meals. As my friends like to tease, I am a pro at typing, so you can expect some good detailing.

A school friend commented on one of my recent posts that she loves the way I present simple daily food so as to make it look like a delicacy! I believe that food is a celebration and that is what you have to look forward to every week....helping you with ideas on what to present at mealtimes with easily available regular and sometimes exotic ingredients.

Here's to YOU my precious readers, cooking up a storm in your respective kitchens! 

Bengali Dessert 'MONOHARA'(3 Ways)!

( Stealer of your mind and heart...) There is a tale behind the 'MONOHARA'. The story so goes that once upon a time in Janai, a small...


Grilled Chicken with vegetables, mustard, cream and wine (optional) The year 2020 is a NUMERIC PALINDROME, which means that the number...

Instagram Live Cooking Session

Look forward to having you all join me on 26th April 2020, evening at 6pm(IST) on Instagram Live! Let's cook up a storm together 👩🏼‍🍳...


MALPUAs a traditional Indian dessert, fit for royalty when served with kheer.


Featured today(20.02.20) in the Mumbai Mirror! A lavish, delicious, home cooked, sit down lunch spread(7 Course 10 Dish) which is also a...

Indian Carrot Halwa (Gajar ka Halwa)

To welcome the New Year 2020, here's a Winter Delicacy to tease your taste-buds. 'Naye saal mein kuch meetha ho jay'!


TURNIP is a vegetable, commonly known as Shalgom in Bengali or Shalgum in Hindi, with a cream-colored skin, purplish at top. The good...

Rohu Fish Kaliya with Sweet Pulao

Presenting here a well balanced, spicy yet slightly sweet ginger, garlic, tomato and onion gravy with potato and lightly fried river fish...